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i welcome you traveler to this place of mine . . .
won't you take a peek and see what there is inside . . . .
tell me now that you've seen, what it is that you see? . . . . .
don't be surprised by what you see but all there is, is what my mind sees . . . . . .

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Arcane Circles II Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock Arcane Circles II Photoshop and GIMP Brushes :iconredheadstock:redheadstock 5,882 408 Music Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock Music Photoshop and GIMP Brushes :iconredheadstock:redheadstock 2,630 351 Runes II by Scully7491 Runes II :iconscully7491:Scully7491 393 27 Runes by Scully7491 Runes :iconscully7491:Scully7491 1,485 200 Base 35 by Chao-Bases Base 35 :iconchao-bases:Chao-Bases 2,004 152 Male Raven - Teen Titans cosplay by NipahCos Male Raven - Teen Titans cosplay :iconnipahcos:NipahCos 656 59
Trespassing (Gray x Reader) (A Fairytail Fanfic)

AN: This is my first fairy tail xreader fanfic so I hope you guys like it! Be sure to comment! <3

(y/n)(l/n), a fairy tail wizard. An Earth mage. Sweet and beautiful and as fierce as a lion. But right now, just one complete hot mess.
You dragged your feet across the room, clearly exhausted from your recent job. You checked yourself in the mirror, scanning yourself from head to toe. Your otherwise beautiful (h/l)(h/c) hair currently a place enough for birds to make a comfortable nest. Your clothes muddy and tattered. And your face, Oh god, your face! Sweaty and tired. You looked like you had picked yourself up while sleeping in a garbage dump.
You sighed. What could be better than a warm and refreshing bath right now?!
You stripped yourself off, tossing your clothes into the laundry and skipped your way into the washroom. You stood under the shower for a minute or so, removing the dust coated on your body then slipped into the hot
:iconevannaeucliffe:EvannaEucliffe 156 28
Zuko X Bender!Reader: Love Thy Enemy (5/61)

Aang, Katara and I were waiting on Sokka to get on Appa to get out of here. I turned around and saw that Suki placed a kiss on his cheek. 

'Well, I'll be teasing him about that later.' Sokka quickly ran up Appa's tail and sat down on the saddle.

"Appa, yip, yip!" And we were off. As we were flying by, Zuko and I captured eachother gazes, but it was only for a few seconds. After gaining a little distance from the island, Katara said,

"I know that it's difficult, but the whole village would have been destroyed if we stayed, you did the right thing, Aang." Suddenly, Aang leaped off of Appa.

"What are you doing?!" Katara shouted. Aang dived into the water, and came back up holding onto the Unagi's whiskers. He pulled on them, making it spray water over the village. Aang leaped up into the air, and Appa caught him in between his large paws. Aang climbed into the saddle with the three of
:iconhetailiauniverse-xd:HetailiaUniverse-XD 108 33
DJ!EnglandXGirlfriend!Reader:Bitch,The DJ Is Mine!
DJ!England X Girlfriend!Reader?: Bitch, The DJ Is Mine!
You went to the club with your girls tonight, Karson, Alice, Hungary, and Nancy, because you wanted to see your boyfriend, Arthur. When you looked over to his booth there was some dumb redhead all over him! So walked in, and said,
"Arthur, what the hell?!" 
"(Name),she just came in here and threw herself at me." He sighed.
The redhead said, "You know you love me..." 
"Bitch, the DJ is MINE!" Then you dragged her out on the floor.
Then some random girls came out from the crowd, helping the redhead up asking,
"Lauren, are you okay, girl?"
Then Karson, Alice, Hungary, and Nancy came over and asked,
"(Name), what's going on?"
The redhead named Lauren, smirked,
"She's just mad that her boyfriend likes me better than her."
"I told you bitch, he's mine!" Then I charged, but someone grabbed me back. The club owner, and my best friend, Gilbert.
"(Name), and Lauren settle this my way." Then he grabbed a mic and shouted,
"Who wants
:iconhetailiauniverse-xd:HetailiaUniverse-XD 30 16
Punk!EnglandXRockerChick!Reader: Rock'n Roll/GF
Punk!England X Rocker Chick!Reader:Rock 'n Roll Girlfriend (Songfic)
~~~~(Name)'s POV~~~~
I was a full blown rocker chick and proud of it. I had a gig at the local cafe, which is where Arthur and *sigh* Candi will be having their date tonight. Candi was a wannabe rocker chick. And I wanna show Arthur a real one. This is going to be fun...
I walked on stage with Prussia and took the mic in my hands and started to sing...
"Hey, Hey, Hey
If your ready to rage
Raise your hands up
This what Rock 'n Roll looks like

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah wearing leather and lace
Raise your hands up,
This what Rock 'n Roll looks like"
Prussia sang
"Um, microphone check, One, Two
Yeah Yeah it's (Name) baby
And this is what Rock 'n Roll looks like"
I sang again
"The dark days falling down on my stand
I feel the thirst to get it in
Trouble, trouble, drink it down
Like a king, I take the crown

Flush a
:iconhetailiauniverse-xd:HetailiaUniverse-XD 89 11
A Jealous Fox Kurama X Reader

  It's been a whole 2 months since the Christmas confession. Your life has been great ever since you started to date Kurama. You loved every moment you were with him. 
    You were waiting for him at the bus stop. You looked at your watch to see 2:50 pm.
    "Just ten more minutes!" you said with a smile. You were still in that fangirl faze.
     Kurama said he wanted to meet you at the bus stop around 3:00 pm for a lunch break from his job. There was a cafe that you both loved to go so you waited wearing your (Fav color) short sleeve shirt with some jeans.    
    "Hello ____." a voice said. 
    You turned quickly to see your favorite redhead but instead you saw your annoying coworker.
    Hiroshi. A man around your age with brown hair and eyes. He's handsome and he definitely
:iconkuroneko369:KuroNeko369 109 9
YuYu Hakusho (Pet Fox) Reader X Kurama
    It was a cold fall afternoon. Kurama was seriously injured. He found out that not only could change his appearance from Youko to Shuichi but he also can change back into his spirit fox form. His silver fur He was trying out his form trying to see how long and how strong his form was.
    He was in the forest testing the form. He thought the forest was empty until he found a scent in the air. Some hunters were around. Kurama moved away from them as soon as he pick up their scent. He didn't realize that the dogs were after him. Part of him couldn't help but put on a smug smile.
     "Do they think they can catch me with these pitiful dogs?" he said as he easily out ran them. He had to admit a little of Youko came out and wanted to toy with the dogs.
    He was so busy with the dog that he forgot about the hunters. As he moved and ran circles at the humans and dogs one hunter aimed his gun at Kurama.
:iconkuroneko369:KuroNeko369 88 13
Kurama x Reader one shot ~Requested~
Kurama’s first girlfriend enraged the entire female population in the school. You were constantly cowering in the corner from their glares. If looks could kill, you’d definitely be dead. You swore every last one of them was planning on murdering you in the near future.
When the bell rang, signalling class was over, you stayed in your seat as the girls left the room, shooting you one last glare. You dazed off as you stared out the window until you felt a light tap on your shoulder.
You blinked and looked up into the forest green eyes of Shuichi Minamino, aka your boyfriend.
“Are you ready to go?” he asked with that same heart melting smile. He understood what you were going through with the other girls and was always there to protect you.
“Yeah,” you stood up and together the two you walked from the school, hand in hand. The school girls, still walking around, glared daggers at you.
“Just ignore them,” he said giving your hand a small sque
:iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 118 12
Until the end: A Kurama x Reader Insert. Part One
Until The End: A Kurama x Reader story. Part One.
Rating: T
Story is rated for Mild violence and overall depressing theme.
You sighed softly as you poked at your plate of food. Sitting across from you was some man you had not ever met or bothered to learn his name. You would smile and nod every now and then as he spoke, being polite but not really listening to what he was saying. In truth, you were not even interested in the man before you. But you had resigned to going out with him after your best friend went out of his way to set you up on this blind date.
“(Name), are you alright?” His soft voice spoke as he reached out and touched your hand. You blinked slightly, casting a momentary glance to where your hand had been.
“Yes I am.” Your voice was soft as you looked up, concerned green eyes meeting yours. You winced slightly as you looked away, trying your best to conceal the look of pain that you knew donned your face.
“Look,” He sighed, moving his
:iconmythousandwords:MyThousandWords 50 34
7 Minutes in Heaven - Yuu Kanda[DGM]
“Oh God no, please no! I insist on repeat of the drawing!” growled an annoyed Gray as Juvia threw herself onto his arm and was pleased that she had drawn the name of her beloved Gray-sama for this game. The black haired male therefor didn’t show much of enthusiasm, which the female water mage would have dreamed of that he would.
You had to laugh quietly. As much as Gray had your sympathy, it was just too funny to watch, how he was pulled against his will to the romantic constructed bedroom by Erza. “Poor Gray.” You whispered what caused Lavi to grin. “He should be glad to be in the same bedroom with that hottie.” The Bookman Jr. laughed.
He earned a smack against the back of his head from you. “No one would leave you alone to play with a woman without a supervisor anyway.” You demanded and Lavi grinned back at you. “Well, I rather would be glad to have no witnesses, when I would make you a woman.” Lavi grinned and earned
:iconsekata:Sekata 56 9
Seven Minutes in Heaven - Gray Fullbuster [FT}
Before Erza could continue with the game, she first had to manage to bring two long known brawlers apart. Of course that would be Natsu and Gray. Lately, they argued significantly worse and more often than usual. The reason? You.
Although you literally grew up together with Gray and Lyon under Urs care, you only had a good rapport to the elder one of those two. As kids you and Gray got along very well, but since you attended Fairy Tail High School, he was barely with you now and was getting ruder every day. To you that was simply incomprehensible, especially since you felt more and more attracted to him. But you didn't quite get his attitude towards you. Sometimes you could laugh together, but in the next moment he got rude again and offended you once again. Furthermore he avoided you, whenever he saw you together with Juvia. Presumably he returned her feelings now and you were in there way...
"Enough! We are guests here! Be at least once norm today and get along with each ot
:iconsekata:Sekata 173 45





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I woiuld like to apologize for disaapearing for so long. A lot has happened over the pass year, from Shinzo dumping Ryoka irl and rp to trying to recover from damages done that weren't expected. Only over the pass couple months I've finally got things back to normal and both me and Ryoka have moved on with life. I myself have moved on but not sure if I should make Ryoka move on as well. So for now she shall be left alone until otherwise noted though I have a feeling she'll be with someone new.

As for myself I'm with someone new officially for the pass two month. Things have been good and I feel like my old self, I'm also trying to get back to drawing. But in the mean time I've been going out to more cosplay things which is something I've missed doing. Hopefully pictures will be up over the next couple of months or so. Though posting things from Dressup Games will be seen over the next week or so depending on my mood. ^^;

Now I'm just rambling, well I'm gonna go now. I'm still taking classes and I have one in the morning so I need to get some sleep since I haven't been feeling well. Also if there is any luck for me I'll be getting a job soon which leads to less time free and more forgettable to update things. Well bye bye for now everyone.

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